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    2. Course Overview and Outline

    3. Course Access: August 15 - September 11, 2022

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    6. Before we begin ...

    1. Introduction and Getting Started

    2. Introduction to Italian Genealogy

    3. Overview of Italian History

    4. Impact of Political Structure on Record Keeping

    5. Locating Ancestor's Italian Town of Origin – Why It’s Important

    6. Using Maps and Gazetteers

    7. Ports of Embarkation

    8. Discussion

    1. What is Civil Registration and When Did it Begain?

    2. Useful Civil Records

    3. Other Civil Documents Useful for Italian Genealogy

    4. Record Conflict and Privacy Laws

    5. Parish and Diocesan Records

    6. Military Records

    7. Notary and University Records

    8. Lesson Summary and Discussion

    1. Networking and Collaborating with Other Researchers

    2. Websites for Italian Genealogy

    3. What Italian Records Can Be Accessed Here in the US?

    4. Additional Online Resources

    5. Italian Naming Customs

    6. Where Are the Records Located?

    7. Contacting Italian Archives and Repositories

    8. Summary and Discussion

    1. Common Problems and Pitfalls

    2. Collateral Research and Cluster Genealogy

    3. Evidentiary Strength in Italian Genealogical Documents

    4. Citation Basics for Italian Genealogical Documents

    5. Summary and Discussion

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Melanie D. Holtz is a Certified Genealogist with experience specializing in 18th-20th century Italian genealogical research. She has focused primarily on Italian research for the past several years and is skilled in finding those hard-to-find US immigration records and Italian towns of origin. She's presented webinars and videos for Family Tree University, and written for Family Tree Magazine. She guides clients through their dual citizenship process, translates Italian documents and compiles family history books. She work in the records of all regions of Italy, as well as formerly Italian areas like Corsica.

Melanie Holtz