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    1. Decentralization and Changing Boarders

    2. Major Political Periods

    3. Religion in Germany

    4. Modern German Geography

    5. Germans Outside Germany

    6. The German Language

    7. Names

    8. Getting Around Language Barriers

    9. Reading German Records

    10. Lesson 1 Quiz

    11. Skill Building and Discussion

    12. Key Points, Additional Reading and Ask a Question

    1. The First Wave of German Immigrants, ca. 1607-1800

    2. The Second Wave of German Immigrants, ca. 1800-1920

    3. Differing motivations

    4. The Basics of Genealogical Research

    5. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Census Records

    6. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Vital Records

    7. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Church Records

    8. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Probate and land records

    9. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Newspapers

    10. Records to Use to Identify Immigrant Ancestors: Unofficial records

    11. Lesson 2 Quiz

    12. Skill-Building Exercise and Discussion

    13. Keys Points and Ask a Question

    1. Finding Your Ancestor's Home Town

    2. Immigration Records

    3. Additional Records and Sources

    4. Methodologies

    5. Example - Johannes Beidler

    6. Example - Johannes Dinius

    7. Lesson 3 Quiz

    8. Skill-Building Exercise and Discussion

    9. Keys Points, Additional Reading and Ask a Question

    1. German Church Record Basics

    2. Using German Records

    3. Finding German Church Records Online

    4. Finding Parishes

    5. Civil Registration Records

    6. Population Register Cards

    7. Online Heritage Books and Pedigrees

    8. The Family History Library

    9. Records in Germany

    10. What Records are Available in Germany?

    11. Boundaries and Border Changes

    12. Where Did Germans Settle?

    13. Lesson 4 Quiz

    14. Skill-Building and Discussion

    15. Keys Points, Additional Reading and Ask a Question

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Stephen Wendt, MLIS, of Tree Tidings Genealogy, is a professional genealogist, instructor and writer. Stephen assists global clients with their diverse genealogical research needs. A specialist in Prussian/German and Scottish genealogy, he regularly speaks on a variety of genealogical topics at the international, state and at the local level.

Stephen Wendt


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